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Facebook Scams [Followup]

I had a few questions via Facebook (ironically) and Twitter in response to my last post concerning these annoying Facebook scams. Although I discussed them, I didn’t really give any advice on how to combat them. Mashable has put together an excellent article on these scams and how to not only avoid them, but let … Continue reading

Can’t Believe How Awesome This Blog Post Is. Don’t Miss It!

I hope the title pulled you in. Probably not. But it’s what scammers are attempting to do with our precious social media outlets. Everyday I’m followed by new people on Twitter, often claiming to be the best outlets for web domains or the best information on Adobe programs. It seems like these accounts try to … Continue reading

I Like Your Place

For all of the websites I design and develop, the most important piece of the puzzle is how to get others involved with the brand, business, idea, or location. More and more conclusions are that Facebook is the best way to get people interested in what we are trying to achieve with the website. Almost … Continue reading


I know my write-up a couple times ago was whining about waiting in line for the Taylor Swift. But I encountered a similar event this past weekend, except this time it was voluntary. It’s pretty amazing how far we’ve come with technology: cars with backup cameras, being able to control our lights in our homes … Continue reading

Tweet: I just tripped and fell during the mile.

Twitter has allowed us to feel more connected to celebrities and people that we normally may not have direct contact with. Just follow that person and send a message @ them and you’re talking to them. Who would have thought that was possible? For the 2012 Olympic Games in London, the Olympic Committee ruled they … Continue reading

Taylor Swift Heinz Field

My first and last Taylor Swift concert.

Okay, so I lied. It was actually my second. But my first was when she opened for someone else. So I don’t count it. But yes, my girlfriend and I took her nine year old niece to a Taylor Swift concert, something I will never, ever do again. I’ve been to Heinz Field hundreds of … Continue reading

Have No Friends? There’s An App For That

Apple is discovering the buzz of social media and trying to develop it into their systems. Twitter integration will be huge in their new iPhone operating system coming this Fall, iOS5. Twitter will be used to interact with many different applications, allowing the user of the phone to sign in once and never have to … Continue reading

Hey, That’s My Commercial!

We all know and love the latest commercial series from Old Spice. It’s been regarded as a landmark marketing campaign and even transferred well to YouTube. Their social media campaign got 34 million views in only a week. Now that’s some successful marketing. And we could even learn something from they way they used social … Continue reading


An ‘Ad’jucated Guess

After reading an article about how media agencies are spending their online budgets, I’ve come to a few conclusions. The internet is going to eventually surpass television in terms of advertisement and spending. It actually surprises me that Internet spending is that far behind television ad spending ($190 billion compared to $72 billion dollars spent … Continue reading

Apple WWDC 2011

It’s a day I live for. The latest updates on the next generation of technology straight from the source: Apple. Today, June 6th, 2011, we learn about the evolution of company Apple and what it’s planning on bringing to the table. This year, it isn’t about the products. It’s about changing technology altogether. Although the … Continue reading